Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Today's outfit: (when I'm cool) black ~sweater w/ 3/4 length sleeves & bateau neck, black ~suede slacks, black half-boots, onyx ring, dragon ring, silver band, onyx & silver earrings & braided hair. When I'm warm enough I take off the black sweater to expose my "I've lost 20 pounds" burgundy blouse with the faux surplice & split petal sleeves.

I think I may have gotten a little sunburned today. I forgot to put on sunscreen (didn't think I'd be outside, frankly). So I sat out in the sun at lunch for almost an hour.

My lace is at 13.5". I worked on it last night & during the meeting this morning. It's past time to head home.

I was listening to the Breakfast Club. It's from early December 1941. It was full of late-breaking news regarding the declarations of war against Japan by Great Britain, etc.

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