Friday, May 07, 2004

It's supposed to be even hotter today (expected high, 90F), but I'm still wearing black. Today's outfit: black slacks & loafers, black heavy wrinkled gauze blouse (3/4 length sleeves & round neck), spoon ring, silver 'braid' band, moonstone ring, rainbow moonstone pendant & earrings & my hair is in that half bun/ponytail fixed with the steel hairstick with bells.

I started a new length of tatting. It's thicker thread so it doesn't require my crochet hook for joins. I'm trying some of the 19th century patterns from Flitting Fingers, the book that Anitra loaned me. I've been trying to translate the 'buttonhole stitch' & other instructions into modern tatting methods. The current length is for 'a chemise band' and it's just rings, not even any joins.

I changed my mind about what I'm getting my mom for Mother's day. I was going to send her a gift certificate for a manicure but I found a book at the Bullshead bookstore that I think she'll like. So I will go deposit the check from Saturday's tatting, buy the book & mail it at lunch. Busy lunch, huh.

Something yesterday really upset my system. I was tired when I got home last night & Chris was playing a video game. So I laid down on the couch for a nap. I answered the phone every time it rang, Richard & telemarketers, but I slept. Chris realized what time it was at 10 pm & cooked supper. He woke me when it was ready at 10:30 pm. I'd slept about 4 hours. I ate half of my steak & then had to go to the bathroom for half an hour, or so. Came out, ate my broccoli & then headed to bed by midnight. It wasn't the steak that upset me, it was too soon. I realized that my stomach started bothering me a little by 5pm. Maybe it was the burrito I had for lunch yesterday. It was a little spicy.

Bill called while I was eating. We chatted a bit. I must remember to contact Wes to tell him to call Bill. Bill doesn't have Wes's email or phone number.

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