Friday, September 19, 2008

Autumn Equinox is Sunday. Many people are calling for a minute of silence at noon and to pray for peace.
I quote:

A Four Directions Call

This is a call to all people of spirit who wish to join in a global linkage for Peace as noon rolls across the planet on the vernal Equinox. We request that you add to your observances a minute of chanting the sound of “MA” in appreciation for the Earth, her gifts and all her children.

In all traditions, “MA” is the root sound for mother, “AH” is the sound of appreciation.

The goal is to help create a wave of healing resonance that will sweep across the planet. It is a time of great peril and trauma on this fragile world. Can we, for a moment, come together with one heart, one mind, one voice and one intention in a tone of healing?

Please in whatever tradition you are gathering for this event, will you commit to a moment of global unity for all our relations.
Betsy Stang

Gaming: I’d missed a couple fights when I missed the last gaming session, and some exposition.

That alien promising a golden age? Very few heroes, or even villains, believed him, unsurprisingly enough. Many people had toured the ship and some had gone missing. Solaris said that his fellow aliens were in deep sleep and he was gradually waking them up.

The Freedom League (our gaming group) and the Atom Family got together & negotiated with what’shisname, the ruler of Thule, to get both groups up into the ship. Suleimane, whose name I do not know how to spell, did a ritual to magically teleport Totem (my character, even though I wasn’t there), Max Atom, oldest female sister Atom, Vicky Atom, Chase Atom & Chase’s pet monkey, Troll (Diana’s old character), Kodachrome (her current character), The Wraith (Chris’s character), Memento Mori (Nate’s character) & Lady Celtic (Rosemary’s character) into Solaris’s ship. The Freedom League, minus Totem, went to be a distraction – leaving graffiti, multilingual of course, and fighting energy guardians and then fighting the plants, which were knocking out Kodachrome. A lot.

They met some of Solaris' fellow aliens, who were puzzled why the ship defenses were attacking non-evil people. Turns out the aliens are genetically manipulated humans (who had disappeared) with the personalities of the aliens implanted and suppressing the human minds. The aliens had all died long ago with just their memories/personalities saved on the ship’s computer. When they found out what Solaris had done the ‘aliens’ were horrified. About that time the Freedom League gets a call for help from Chase Atom; Troll had been knocked out.

While the rest of the Freedom League was off causing trouble, Totem was sent with the tech team to disable the ship. Yep, the tech-inept was sent with the tech team, because I wasn’t there. The justification is that since she would keep a better look out because she would not get distracted by the all the shiny toys.

Last night: GM, David, caught me up with what had happened, including the fight that Totem had actually seen; Solaris knocking everyone out. The evening’s real action started with Totem going toe to toe with the golden alien and was at least holding her own, even if she wasn’t doing much damage. She got blinded in the second round of the fight but since she often relies on her nose (accurate scent) and has blind-fighting, that didn’t have any appreciable effect. After about 6 rounds, the rest of the Freedom League showed up. More fighty-fighty until Lady Celtic, who with Rosemary’s dice luck was doing more support than combat, encouraged the three ‘aliens’ to get involved. Solaris, who was a few fries short of a happy meal anyway, went totally bugnuts when they remonstrated with him & fried the three ‘aliens’ and started to eat their souls/absorb their energy. Lady Celtic saved their soul energy and then drained much of Solaris’s defenses. He broke down, making it possible for to Totem walk up to him & knock him out.

There was wrap-up; people being restored, finding someplace for the aliens to safely colonize (Jupiter - one cloud city coming up), etc. And Kodachrome found out that her powers come from Cosmic Energy manipulation. The Chullons (no, I don’t know if that’s the right spelling) are binary in their energy work but she has 7 forms. Hmmmmm.

I was so tired when we got home. I had planned to do one or two things but my energy levels nixed that. It was hard waking up this morning, too. But at least I started the day without a headache.

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