Monday, September 22, 2008

Gaming: Turns out we had a ranger, a swordmage, a warlock, a wizard & my cleric. The only thing poor Denar really accomplished was healing people, when she could. She's not really a healing cleric, after all. I bombed my turning undead rolls and use of her daily power. *sigh* Sometimes the dice are just cold.

Tonight it's Chris's game and we're facing a feast hall full of giants. Luckily, we have a warmage & a cleric. We just might succeed.

Sight of the day: how do you tell someone that everytime she leans over, ie to type on her laptop, that she's flashing her bra? It's a cute sundress but she needs to pay better attention. * added later - apparently the friend that sat down with her said something; she's much more careful about it now.

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