Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mom: Had a nice weekend with Mom. I had insomnia Friday night which made getting started Saturday somewhat problematic. Then of course, there was the problem of finding gas.

When I got to Mom's she had the tv on & couldn't hear me knock. I finally had to call her to get her attention. We went out to lunch & we found the beads for the tatted pendant for my state fair entry. I got one bead for the pendant & two to make matching earrings (after the state fair).

We went through Mom's stuff, helping her sort and throw stuff away. At 8 pm we broke off so we could watch Mom's shows. She loves PBS's Saturday night line up.

This morning we went and had a traditional? Southern breakfast. We went to Your House & had waffles. Their pecan waffles had the pecans in the waffles, not just on top. That makes a huge difference to the taste. And to make matters even better; they had hot tea that wasn't Lipton's. Yum.

We went to Big Lots & I got a replacement for my double outlet device (so I can plug two items into the cigarette lighter). Naturally, we picked up a few other items as well.

On the way home, I had two traffic incidents. One was a jerk who sped up when I switched on my turn signal, nearly causing me to run out of merge lane. The other was a nice guy who pulled over to let me pull over to make room for the folks trying to merge onto the highway.

I also saw a lovely rainbow on the way home. It was a 6-color one; red, yellow, orange, green, blue & indigo. The colors were a little blurred, but they were there.

I brought my stuff inside and immediately had to wash my hair. I love my mom but she still smokes and I can't stand the smell. I gave her the 1-800 stop smoking line; a not very subtle hint.

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