Thursday, September 11, 2008

It was almost cool today, almost. It was still so humid I was surprised not to drown whenever I inhaled. I went to the grand opening of a Starbucks today. Luckily it's not very close, otherwise I'd be way too tempted to get a chai tea latte everyday. My waistline (and hipline, thighline, etc) doesn't really need that.

I've started letters to the family but I forgot to put them in my bag this morning. I only have one more aunt to write plus the kids.

tatting: I finished the block part of Martha's block-tatted Valentine heart (heart block tatted & then with edging). I used the red heart variegated red (ruby to deepest garnet) for the heart & plan to use red heart brand green for the lacy edging.

TV: watched some taped shows tonight. It was the first episode of the 2nd season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Wow, what a good episode. I also watched an episode of In Plain Sight. Then ended with The Kitchen Nightmares.

And one picture from my vacation: Rainbow's end (for the first time, I saw the end of the rainbow). Isn't that just neat!

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