Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chris bought me a new pillow. Guess we found the source of my headaches.

Gaming: LFR today. So far we have a swordmage, either 3 rangers or 2 rangers & a wizard & I have to decide whether to play my warlock (& have her reach 2nd) or play my cleric. We have an abundance of Strikers, a Defender, maybe a Controller & maybe a Leader.

Lunch @ Pizza Inn buffet. It was a little crowded but not too bad. It's the only Pizza Inn in the area now.

Manga: My bill @ FE was, not unexpectedly, high. It had been more than a month since I had picked up my manga order. We had the time, so we socialized with Rick. It had been awhile since we did that. I also qot the Stitch n' Sew magazines that his wife, Leigh, had sent for me.

Chris had to pick up a special order from Games Connection, in Knightdale. I need to add Wings of War to his birthday list, & a couple planes at least.

Sight of the day: guy who looks like typical heguy (ratty baseball cap, torn sleeve t-. & jeans) walking on side of road in quasi-rural area, carrying a bright yellow flower.

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"Generic" Joe Tortuga said...

Man I miss pizza buffet at Pizza Inn.

I think the only thing remotely comparable is CiCi's and well... It just ain't.