Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tatting: I've made a couple more of those easy hearts designed by Barbara H. Friday is 'appreciate your operator (bus driver)' day & I wanted to give them to my favorite drivers. I ran into an old co-worker and he's having a rough time with his soon to be ex-wife (she's a moron btw, if half of what he says is true), so I gave him one that I had made. He teared up; it really touched him. It really is the little things that mean a lot.

sight of the day: Muslim on his prayer rug, doing his noon prayers.

I got to work just as it started to sprinkle. Turned out to be a false alarm; it's just really windy really.

TV: Watched The Big Bang Theory & Bones last night. What can I say, I like tv shows with geeks in them.

Tonight I'm supposed to meet Dad & Kathy for supper. We'll see how it goes. I copied my pictures from vacation onto a cd to give them.


"Generic" Joe Tortuga said...

We feel the same way about those shows. I was glad to see BBT, Bones is ready to watch over the weekend.

I haven't been as excited by it this season. I think I don't buy some of their take on relationships. (like the "you don't trust me" discussion in the pilot)

But given my life, that's a pretty normal thing.

Sewicked said...

I think that for their relationship it was a big thing; but I don't think that they are entirely quits. I just don't want to believe that they won't end up together.