Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tatting: Today's the day; I meet Anitra & we leave for Palmetto Tat Days. I'm all packed and my GPS and phone are charged. I just need to pack my laptop. Gee, wonder why I haven't done that yet? :roll eyes:

I probably overpacked on thread and underpacked on shuttles. I will probably buy some at the vendors. No shock there.

Gaming: The game that I ran went well. It turned out that I only needed one section of the DMG*; the skill challenge part. Everything else was in the adventure. If you've read the PHB**, you can run the game. The DMG has some good info on how to run a game; which is great if you're inexperienced.'

Weather: The news is all about Hurricane Hanna. Hopefully, it won't hit here, or the convention, hard. Actually, I hope it doesn't hit anywhere hard but you know what I mean. Frankly, Hanna is only category 1. That just doesn't scare me. Ike, who's 4, that scares me a little.

I'm sure that there was more that I wanted to talk about but I'm a little distracted right now. Maybe I'll remember and post more later.

*Dungeon Masters Guide
** Players HandBook

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