Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas party was on Saturday. I finally met Rosemary's nieces; they are so cute. We made decorated cookies and ate them. We also exchanged presents.

John & I already gave Chris his camera. I also gave him a Blue Planet t-shirt. I gave Rosemary her "Help, my dice are trying to kill me" t-shirt and Diana her "Pwnage" t-shirt. Alas, Thinkgeek's women shirt sizes are just a lot small (XXL is 16-18? WTF?). Chris gave me a cute little soft plush kitty, couple cute t-shirts, and Rosemary gave me Mae West Glamour Collection and the latest Pink album. David R gave me a DVD of classic Loony Tunes. Chris & Rosemary, together gave me the complete set of Elfquest comics. Mine were destroyed by water and I was devastated. How fabulous that they found the replacements. You can't see me, but I'm squee'ing.

Maya seemed to like chewing on her present, or at least the case. We got her a Backyardigans DVD. David M got FE gift cert & a 4e book for Christmas & birthday.

After the party, some of us stayed and ate supper from Olive Garden. Alas, I fell asleep on the couch (clutching the kitty that Chris gave me). Hey, I was tired!

Sunday we played LFR. David R ran it; his first time ever. He did a pretty good job. He's run games before & that helps a lot. Rosemary & I both wore our new t-shirts.

The weather was very seasonal. Cool to cold at night & almost warm in the afternoons.

Today was very slow at work. But tomorrow I'm donating blood & then volunteering so I'll be out of the office most of the day.

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"Generic" Joe Tortuga said...

Man, I remember getting those ElfQuest comics in high school. Did you know that she was publishing many of them online for free? (Not the same as holding them, I agree but it was nice to read them again).