Wednesday, December 03, 2008

shopping: I didn't make it to Staples in time. I did get to K-Mart but I should have bought one of those robes on sale. I need a good warm, robe. They were out of the flannel sheets that I wanted. I got a couple new 2GB flashdrives ($7.99). They are kept locked up so the cashier had to page the person with the keys.

The same person also keeps the keys to the cameras, games, etc. Needless to say, she was in high demand. Between her getting my flash drive and getting me to the check out line, she got things for at least two other customers. After I was finally in line, I just stood there, smiling slightly. After all, why not? Being irritable wasn't going to make the line move faster. That really struck her, that I was shopping on Black Friday & looked happy.

Since the other stores that I wanted to visit were on the other side of my house, I went home for lunch. The mall was a little much but Michael's wasn't bad. I had read the sale wrong though & the case I wanted wasn't on sale yet. The thing that worried me is that I as I was parking my car, I saw a sundog. I love my mom, but I didn't want to get trapped in Greensboro by bad weather.

Mom: I had a nice visit with mom....except for the fact that I woke up with a migraine on Sunday. She and I did a little shopping on Saturday. She bought my Christmas presents early; things like very nice earmuffs, a new pedometer, etc. I also have two new, very soft & fuzzy towels. They are so soft they feel like velvet. Mmmmm.

She packed stuff to give away and I helped her sort things. We ate leftover turkey for supper and watched tv. It's pledge week on PBS so her usual shows were not on, but they did have Celtic Women. For that particular show, we both want to have a long, possibly violent, talk with the costumer.

Mom doesn't keep much pain medicine in the house so we had to stop and get some on the way to breakfast. I think mom goes to that restaurant a lot (it's good and inexpensive and real food). The waitress came by to refill her coffee and when she saw that it was not necessary, commented that mom wasn't drinking as fast as usual.

Mom told me more about her teen and college years. I knew some of it; like her dorm had no real doors. It was a hall with the dorm rooms on either side & the hall was open to the elements. The rooms had louvered doors and even the bathrooms had only curtains for the shower stalls. It was built in the early '30's and even though it was in Miami, it still got cold at night. For warmth, she & her roommate put their beds together. The girls in the rooms on either side joined them & all six slept crosswise on the beds, with every blanket that they could gather. Brr. I did learn that my mom worked in a bank until she was old enough to get into nursing school without her parents' permission.

We picked up a couple things at Walgreens on the way back to mom's apartment and my head still hurt. I left a few painkillers, including that bottle of migraine meds, at mom's; for the next time I visit. I get headaches, etc more than mom does. She gets headaches less than a handful of times a year. She's in remarkably good, and pain free, health.

I stopped at KMart on the way home but the robe sale was over. At Michael's I found the case on sale so I got one. I also bought some colored wire and as I was checking out, the woman in line behind me asked about it. She's an art teacher and always on the lookout for new arts to teach, especially that will appeal to boys. She liked the sound of Viking wire knitting; I recommended Lacemakers for the kit.

gaming: Chris was still playing the Living Forgotten Realms game and he didn't get home until late. I finally put my halfling character on a character sheet instead of a page of notebook paper. I think I will add a post-it note with her attack information with all of her weapons and powers. There's not enough room on the character sheet for that sort of thing.

Bus: Monday was the first day of the new bus schedule. My stop is now ten minutes earlier in the morning. Monday, it was on time. Yesterday it was more than ten minutes late. It took quite awhile, after I arrived at work, before I warmed up. At least I had my new earmuffs and I wore my leather jacket.

Tatting: I've made another snowflake. I'm sticking with the same pattern, oddly enough for me. I'm varying thread & beads, though.

Thursday, I'm meeting Dad for supper. I finally found his scrapbook. I really wanted to get it scanned but I don't have the money for that right now.

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