Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Donation: successful! My arm hurts like the dickens (worse than the time that they hit the nerve bed under the vein in my arm) but it's like 2" from the stick site. How weird is that. I wore my I Bleed Carolina Blue t-shirt under my turtleneck. I knew that I'd need short sleeves for the actual donation & the turtleneck is 'cause it's supposed to drop temperatures all day (& has).

Donation went fairly smoothly, no dizziness, bled quickly, etc. Then once I was done, I checked in as a volunteer. I helped steer the people (1 woman, rest were men) who were donation double red blood cells. I'd do that myself but I'm 2" under the minimum height requirement for women.

I saw some people I know (big surprise, right?) and met a couple more. I picked up my free t-shirt & back to the office.

Work for an hour or so & then off to the department holiday luncheon. Really good food again this year. I sat with some of the folks from the Card office. Mike (Department Head) joined us. He's been sick again, poor guy.

Back to the office, where it's really, really quiet. I managed to get one point of a snowflake done today. That's it. It's hard to tat with only one hand and well, I needed to pay attention when I was volunteering.

Oh, but how cool is this! LadyShuttlemaker is giving away one of her fabulous shuttles. She makes the most delicious hand-dyed threads, too.

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