Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Movies: The Bachelor Mother is one of my favorite Christmas movies. It's just so funny. I could see it really well because Chris went and got the new tv last night.

We'd been talking about it since the last one died in July but we had a workable one (that Dad gave me last year) so just couldn't bring ourselves to do it. Then a friend of ours had her tv die and frankly, it's her 3rd breakdown (equipment-wise) this year. So she gets the workable tv and Chris bought a new flatscreen LCD 40". It was really eye-opening.

Christmas stuff: Went to see Dad et al on Sunday. I forgot to take dessert though. *sigh* I remembered Friday & forgot afterward. I was late because just as I was about to leave, I dropped an open 2-liter bottle of soda. That took half-an-hour to clean up, it would have taken less if I'd remembered my sham-wow. Chris did remember & when he got home he finished cleaning up the soda. I'm just glad that it was diet. It reduces the stickiness; a little.

The presents that I gave mostly went over well. The block of initial post-it's went over really, really well (much to my bafflement). So did the cellphone charm (hers had just broken recently & the one that I got went well with the phone bling). Hopefully she'll read the copy of Good Omens that I gave her. She needs to read more.

Dad loved both parts of his present. Since I didn't get the information to Mike in time (to have the Koshare album made), I went & bought a photo album with the Marine Corps emblem.

That was part 1. Part 2 is for me to spend the weekend with Dad as we go through & set up the photo album/memory book. He is to pull photos and I'll put the pages together. I got a pad of Marine paper, US emblems and other additives; plus a strip of palm trees. That last is because he was stationed at 29 Palms. I may have to cut the strip to get 29, but I think that it will work.

Kathy liked her pendant, which is good since I've had it September, the same time that I got the cell phone charm. I'm uncertain about how she liked the book of knitted bags.

I need to go get Mike's present & mom's present today. It was just so cold yesterday that I couldn't make myself go out.

I have been reading a lot. I've read the 1st two Stephanie Plum books and about three other books.

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