Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gaming: We're worried about Diana. She never came to gaming last night & she didn't call or email. That is very unlike her. She didn't answer her cell or her home phone (okay, sometimes she doesn't do that, but still). Hopefully she'll be at the game this afternoon and we'll find out that she's okay.

The game (4e D&D) itself went pretty well last night, but that penultimate fight got kind of rough. Half the group was bloodied by the time it was over and everyone had used their encounter healing. We even took a long rest before dealing with the final encounter. My cleric is 2nd level now and I plan to play her again today.

I'm off to see my friend, Mitra. She's in town this weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing her. We're meeting at the bookstore nearby.

Crafts: I've made another cotton potholder. I need to make another one & I'll be done, for now. It's also blue & white. I suppose I should take a picture..but how interesting is a potholder after all?

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