Thursday, December 18, 2008

Weather: 3rd day of fog. Whee. How very...seasonal. Somewhere.

Chris made me almost squee today. He gave me the final present from him; Manga: the Monster Book of Manga Girls. Of the presents from co-workers, one and only one has not been chocolate-based food. One person just came back from visiting Hershey so that really should not have been a surprise. Actually, I lie, I got 3 non-food gifts. One is a lovely ornament (handmade and dated) and the others were hand lotion & scented liquid handsoap. But the latter came with candy. So I'm undecided whether to really count them.

I gave Chris the tin of ginger cookies tonight (after he gave me the book). He likes ginger cookies and there are at least 6 packages/tubes in the tin. He usually gets a single one from the booth at the State Fair and makes them last a couple weeks.

I gave out the hangers that mom made yesterday. They were a real hit. It's not cheap to get good hangers. Mom takes good metal hangers and then weaves/covers them with yarn. That pads them and makes them quite pretty. She also puts tubing or something similar over the hook. I gave out 3 per person, but Emily got an extra 3, child-sized ones. She announced, last week, that she's pregnant.

Mom called tonight. Thank goodness. I've been trying to reach her unsuccessfully (once was a busy signal so I wasn't worried or anything). I'll be seeing her Christmas Day. All her friends are working (yeah, nurses) so she's free. And I had hoped to see her Monday & Tuesday (go see Dad on Sunday, then spend the night with her Sunday and go home Tuesday) but she's working.

Saturday I go get Dad's present & wrap everything. I really meant to wrap stuff last Friday but just didn't get it done.

Plans are made for the New Year get-together. I'll need to make certain that we have everything for that. I haven't bought Keith's calendar yet. I've been buying him a T&A calendar for over a decade. I'm not certain how he'd react if I didn't give him one. I have most of them but I need to check that I haven't forgotten anyone.

Gaming: I've registered for WuKon. I changed one game; in part so that the game that Chris & Rosemary are playing will make. I emailed one of the organizers and it looks like I will get a chance to play Witch Hunter. He asked for games that I had not played, as suggestions for what to get.

Tatting: I'm still doing snowflakes but Jane, that naughty Jane. She has tempted me. She has a new technique for beaded picots & I soooo want to play with it.

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