Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's almost 70F, 87% humidity, we've had almost an inch (.82) of rain since midnight & yes, this is December. Theoretically, this is winter, no matter what it feels like outside.

Gaming: Mutants & Masterminds tonight. I had completely forgotten, so it's good thing that David sent his reminder email on Monday. Now if he'd just review those changes to Totem, I'd be ready for tonight's game.

David is running his first LFR game on Sunday. I think he's nervous, but he has no reason to be. One) LFR is the closest thing to a pick up roleplaying game that I've ever seen. Two) He's running the game for friends, who will gladly help him.

I found my Palm Pilot. Now to locate my phone & my iPod mini. My shuffle decided to freeze up Tuesday but letting it run down & then charging it up fixed it.

Saturday is Rosemary's annual cookie party. She cuts out the sugar cookies (or these days, just buys the precut ones) and we spend the time decorating, baking & eating them. She serves mulled cider, mulled mead (for those who aren't driving), and soda. It's a nice, quiet party. We often unwrap presents, too.

I've mailed off two cards to Holidays for Heroes, including a small snowflake in each one. Now I need to finish & mail the cards going to relatives.

The contractors who handle the dining/cafeteria had the luncheon for their office staff today. Since they're just down the hall from us, they invited our office to join them. OMG, what wonderful food. Apple & raisin salad with some kind of vinaigrette; pumpkin & something bisque; pork medallions with sweet bbq sauce; mashed sweet potato with honey & pecans; 'mac & cheese' (bowtie pasta) with lobster; greens; dinner rolls with apple butter; and pear tart and chocolate cookies for dessert. Yum, yum, yum. Plus, one co-worker brought in some Danish pastry that someone sent & someone else brought in a baklava platter. I am so full. *burp*

tatting: I've been trying to decide what variation to try next. I may do another Cebelia size 30, but without beads this time.

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