Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back at Work
I managed 4 hours of sleep last night, plus one hour. I laid down and for the next 40 minutes I coughed. I finally got up, fixed a cup of hot tea and went to sleep more or less sitting up. I woke up an hour later, tried a cough drop, and drank another cup of hot tea before drifting off to sleep, still sitting up & half expecting to wake up in an hour, coughing again.

It's probably redundant to comment that I'm tired today. I didn't drag my usual 'OMG it's heavy' bag today. I resorted to a moderate-sized craft box/tote (I got it at 2005 Tat Days; it's about 6" x 10"x 4" deep). It's enough to carry a paperback, my mini-lunchbox of tatting, my zippered tin of tatting, my camera, and yesterday's receipts (so that I can make my reimbursement claim).

Here's a hint, if you weren't already aware, that you might be sick. You look lustfully at a pack of cough drops with the sort of yearning that you usually reserve for your favorite chocolate truffles.

I checked this morning on the tea chest that I got last year for Christmas. I have used some of the tea bags in the past year but I've really hit it hard the past week. It's 3x5 divisions with 5 tea bags per section. It's 1/3 empty now. That's a lot of tea.

My supervisor is so good. He handled most of the time-sensitive stuff for me while I was out. Considering one of the things that almost had me coming to work on Monday is this mondo huge monthly report; I am so happy I did not have to work on that today. I'm feeling wiped just catching up on the other stuff. That in addition, might have been too much.

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