Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sleep is a good thing
Game ended a little late than Chris expected. He thought it was almost 11 pm. We left the house at 12:30. I was really tired and I was only playing. Running a game is much tougher. Poor Diana had to work this morning, but she planned to take a nap after work.

This morning I re-read Windrider's Oath. I really hope that he writes another book in that series.

We had pizza for lunch but something about it set me off, painfully. Oh well. I could go on but it would be just TMI.

I got word that I won a Lynsay Sands from Yankee Romance Reviewer. I squee'd. Is that too fangirlish?

Gaming: I'm thinking of starting a blog for my game notes. Since LFR is a bit more like a video game (you can play the same game over & over, as long as you play a different character), there's no worry about letting info slip. Unlike LG, you can run a game and then play it. For example, I ran Black Knight of Arabel at Wukon. I haven't played it yet, but I hope to do so.

If I do this; I think I'll keep one blog for all my characters instead of one blog per character. I have 5 characters so far, and there's a limit of something like 100, or is a 1000. That's a bit much.

TV: We're watching the Superbowl. #92 just hit the goal line, along with two Cardinal players. It looks really painful (end of the 1st half).

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