Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Happiness is...an unexpected present
And by unexpected, I mean, out of the blue. Someone who meets with someone else in my office gave me a pendant. It's a pretty little silver piece with a lovely moonstone cabochon. It really brightened my day.

The bus was mondo late tonight. I sort of wonder why. I had a late afternoon snack and the jerky ride almost gave me motion sickness. The last time I really got motion sick was when I was 5 (coloring in the car). I cleared a shuttle though, not easily. I made a tiny little butterfly (5 3p 5, 3p3, 3p3, 5 3p 5). By the time I was on the last ring, it was not even small enough to go around two fingers. I gave it to my seatmate; she recognized that I was making lace.

I managed to get to the fabric shop tonight. I bought three fat quarters; solid red, mottled green and mottled blue. I also bought some perle 8 in golden yellow (tangerine) for the wreath. For LFR, I bought some chenille stems for markers; glittery fuschia for Lani's curses and so forth. I can get 4 markers out of one stem.

They're forecasting snow tonight. I wonder if it will really happen. We did have 2-3 days of warm weather to thaw the ground and only one day of cold weather.

Just in time, I've caught a cold; that is if my itchy, scratchy throat is any indication. I'm fine at 7pm. 8 pm, throat hurts. 10 pm, even after hot tea & soup, ouch.

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