Friday, February 20, 2009

Still no pictures
I was gaming last night so I had no time to look for my card reader. It was go home, get game books & character sheet, get to game. Game for 3+ hours and home again to sleep.

Tatting: And I have somehow lost the first bookmark that I made. I'm hoping that it's merely disappeared into the depths of my bag. I hope. I finished the second bookmark but it still cups a little, even with the extra 2 ds per chain. Maybe I need 4 extra ds? OTOH, I did manage to do a creditable split chain again.

Gaming: It was more fun with Rosemary's character, Lady Celtic, last night. We thought that the 'revived' Allies of Freedom (Lady Celtic, her husband The Human Tank, his brother Gunner, Sgt Shrapnel, Spitfire, & Red Fox) might be clones but it turns out that they were nano-robots. We had fun fighting them. We didn't get far into the fight but we got a surprise. Lady Celtic's (the previous incarnation) son showed up and shot the fake Lady Celtic. Since he went a little out of his head recently and attacked our Lady Celtic, it was good to him on the side of Right again. Although Wraith wants to see if Troy was let out or if he got out (look for the red stamp 'Sane' on one hand). We'll finish the fight in 2 weeks.

Rosemary liked her blanket. I wish I'd taken a picture of it. But it's a good size and her old fleece blanket was losing its border.

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