Sunday, February 08, 2009

Still sick & coughing (what a surprise)
I've rested. I've drunk about a gallon of hot tea (with commiserate results). I've hacked and coughed. I've taken ibuprofen for the body aches. I've napped. I'm still sick. I'll be going to work tomorrow anyway, I think. but you better believe I'm going to try & make it a half-day. Even though I may have a caught a head cold in addition (sneezes don't go with bronchitis).

Knitting: Out of boredom, I pulled out a couple balls of yarn and the rectangle knitting loom. It's the 2nd to smallest (yellow) one and the yarn is 'bounce.' The yarn is by Premier Yarns, called Bounce, in color D8. Alas, it seems to be discontinued. It's light blue, medium blue and black. So far, the scarf is about a foot and a half long, eight inches wide, and I've almost used one whole ball. I really wanted a longer scarf, maybe I needed a third ball; or put another yarn for the center of the scarf with Bounce ends. It has a marvelous texture; velvety.

We watched L'il Abner yesterday. It's a funny movie. It's really funny, Chris looooves musicals. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. But he can't stand Barbara Streisand. Nothing against her, per se; just doesn't suit his tastes. I have managed to really clear a lot of the stuff saved on DVR (from 53% to 37%). I've also watched my copy of Twelfth Night again.

I finally managed to sleep a full night's sleep Friday night. I still woke up so dry that my lips hurt (that's not an exaggeration), but at least I had enough sleep.

Mom is coming by on her way to visit her sister down east. She should be here any minute. I"m watching Diners, Drive-ins & Dives until then.

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