Thursday, February 26, 2009

MY Mardi Gras 'celebration' & other recent events
Since I turned 35, I've been meaning to get a mammogram. For my New Year's Resolution, I promised myself that I'd actually get one done this year. So, this year for Mardi Gras, I bared my breasts. And had them smashed by the radiologist. Yay me. In some ways it was not as painful as I feared; in some ways it was. Ouch.

The doctor that I saw later siad that my cough was probably a residual, 2ndary infection from the flu. She doesn't think that I had bronchitis but that I probably had the flu instead. Huh. Guess my flu shot was useless this year. Glad I stayed home from work for a week. At least that way, I didn't infect anyone.

Tatting: I did have time, between/during appointments to finish another bookmark. I have made three, found an older one and I'm on yet another one. That will bring the total up to 5. I still can't find the first one I made. It's variegated blue and it was my first, ever, successfuly split chain. This tan one is the exact same motif pattern but the tail is different. I made it in one round by using split rings and a split chain.

I made a spiral for the tail of the blue one (Josephine knots). I need to take pictures of the other ones. The green and burgundy ones are also from Lindsay Rogers' Tatting Collage. I took a motif and added a tail. The yellow one that I'm tatting now is from Rebecca Jones' The Complete Book of Tatting.

A note about split chains; they are much easier to do when the thread is a tightly twisted one. I gave up on the perle 8 one that I tried to do. I kind of fudged it.

Triangle Tatters will be meeting Saturday. After that, I'll know how many more bookmarks I need to make. I promised a total of 24. *crosses fingers*

Bad News: I somehow broke the cover of my Palm pilot this morning. I'm not sure how, but only one hinge is still attached. If both hinges were gone, then I could just re-insert it. If both were present, I could clip the cover back onto them. Soooo, it doesn't look good. I won't know how bad until/unless I find the cover.

I may be shopping for a new one. I don't want the latest & greatest (I don't need a cellphone PDA). I just want one that I can move my stored info to and that recharges instead of using batteries. Is that too much to ask?

Family: off to meet Dad & stepmom for supper tonight. I'm not looking forward to the drive, but I am looking forward to seeing them. I'm going to give 3 Cups of Tea to Kathy for an early b'day present.

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TattingChic said...

Hope you are feeling better. Your bookmark looks nice. :)