Monday, February 09, 2009

It's a change from TV
I read an interview with Caitlin Kittredge at Bitten By Books. Thank goodness they've given me something to do beside try to find something to watch on TV. She wrote Nightlife. I know that I've read it but with my memory, is it any surprise that I can't remember much. She has two other series that I'm going to have to investigate, too.

Health: I was going to go to work today. Then I woke up coughing so hard that I was torn between throwing up or falling out of bed. And Chris reminded me that I have a tendency to overestimate my recovery; go back to work, manage for a day or two and then relapse. I used to do that almost every December. Get sick about the 2nd week of December and stay consistently sick until about Christmas. This year, I made it to February and even then; I've been sicker.

Knitting (loom): It took me 3 failed tries to get this scarf started. I'm hesitant to do the frog stitch and start a 4th time. But to get the scarf the length that I want I need a 3rd ball. I'd accept another color (I could put it in the middle and have matching ends); but I want it to be the same (apparently discontinued) variety of yarn.

Mom: I was wrong, she was on the way home yesterday. She brought me some very pretty cards and a very nice leather jacket. That reminds me, I need to write my letters.

Reading: I re-read Mary Jo Putney's The Marriage Spell. It's a delightful alternate history historical romance. In this world, during the Great Plague, witches and wizards came out of hiding to help heal the sick alongside the clergy. The book itself is set during the Regency and it shows potential for a series (the Stone Saints). Alas, when I emailed her shortly after I read it originally, she said that she was unable to sell the sequel stories without losing the magic aspect. I keep hoping that some agent/editer will see the potential and approach her again.

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