Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I was out in that. For maybe 10 minutes. Part of those 10 minutes were spent sheltering under the overhang at Greenlaw. Despite that, I am soaked up to, well, the entire length of my pants legs, plus the back of the chambray shirt I was wearing up to the waist.

I cancelled my lunch with Julie. She works in another building, next to mine but then I'm next to Greenlaw. Much as I'd love to see her, it's not worth it.

So I'll eat my desk today & take a short lunch. Since I took a slightly long one yesterday, this is not a problem. I'm eating leftovers. We went to Bandido's last night, another RSVVP restaurant. Unusually, they took so long to deliver our entrees that I ate a few tortilla chips & only managed to eat half my enchilada. Guess what I'm eating for lunch!

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