Tuesday, November 25, 2003

[insert Monty Python voice] I'm not dead yet. I'm much better [/Monty Python voice]

I really am. I don't know what happened yesterday & I won't go into details. We'll just leave it with 'it was unpleasant.'

We had gaming at our house again (every Monday night). We were supposed to be play testing Diana's adventure. We did, a little. Mostly, we talked. And talked. And talked. Until Rosemary realized that it was 11 pm. Ack. We scattered.

I've had about 7.5 hours of sleep. For those of you who thrive on less, congratulations. I don't. I like having 8 hours of sleep. So far, I have not resorted to caffeine. But I have my tea all ready, all I need is the hot water. The only thing I'm wondering now, did I forget to turn on my alarm clock or did I turn it off in my sleep?

It's a lot colder today than it was yesterday. It's about 45 degrees F right now, with occasional breeze blowing. At least it's nice & sunny.

I forgot to do the clothes thing yesterday so I'll do this weekend, yesterday & today's, now. Weekend: t-shirts, jeans & loafers. Yesterday, white oxford shirt, navy slacks (with an annoying zipper that keeps flipping open, acceptable when I'm wearing something to cover it, not when I have a shirt tucked into the waistband instead), brown boots, Celtic knotwork themed jewelry (pendant, ring, earrings) & my hair in a plait.
Today I'm wearing a violet turtleneck; indigo blue jumper; black boots; multi-colored. geometric checkerboards & stripes sweater, moonstone pendant, earrings, ring, silver band jewelry & my hair is loose. It was braided but I let it down because of all the flyaways. I'd put it up but I forgot to stash a hairstick in my purse this weekend. The jumper, like so many of my skirts, come to mid-calf. I think it's because I'm short & often too lazy to hem them.

Ramadan ends today. FYI, if you didn't know already.

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