Thursday, November 06, 2003

*snarl* BMAC & other noises of complaint & irritation.

I got stopped up in stop & roll traffic on 15-501 towards Pittsboro last night. The last 1.5 mile before my storage facility [1] took 20+ minutes. I get home. I start to do my laundry & realize, the only detergent we have is what a friend left when he borrowed the use of our washer when his was broken. Well, I have to pack tonight, so I went ahead & used some. I washed 2 loads (1 light & 1 dark). I even managed to get the light one completely done. The dark load was drying when I went to bed.

This morning: I kept waking up (2 am, 5 am, 5:30 am, until the alarm clock). Now I'm dragging. I comb out my hair before washing it (cuts down on the amount of hair that I shed in the shower) & get all that done. Luckily I had figured out what to wear last night. Chris, my bf, finally tells me what time we are leaving tomorrow morning, so I can plan what time to get up, etc. [2]

I grab a frozen dinner to eat for lunch & an ice cream cone for breakfast. This is usually safe because the bottom of the cone is plugged with chocolate so the ice cream doesn't leak. This morning, the cone broke. So I spilled/splashed chocolate all over the nice cream colored polo shirt I'm wearing. I'm so tempted to go buy a shirt [3] to wear today. *insert another snarl*

I finish the white test tatting,[4] Gullan by Blomquist & Persson, while I'm stopped in traffic on 54 this morning. The area where I usually park is full, I find another one not toooo far away. I start winding red thread on the shuttle while I wait for the bus. Get 1.5 ring done on the bus, it's a crowded morning, we're packed like canned sardines. I get off the bus, barely, and then learn that I dropped my shuttle case. The one Mike [5]made for me last year. And despite the fact that I left the house @ 7:15 I make it to the office at exactly 8 am instead of having at least a couple minutes to stow my lunch, turn on my computer, etc. *repeat snarl*

I called the bus company. No one's turned in my shuttle case yet. I left my number. Hopefully they'll call.

I'm catching up on the DTH I missed while I was out. I read to catch articles dealing with my department. I finished up to the 30th yesterday. Today I can't find the paper for the 31st.

Please let this day improve. I wonder if part of the problem is the weather. Normally I don't mind the drizzly weather....but it may be a contributing factor.

[1] the one where I rent a locker

[2] We're going to Hochcon, a gaming convention in Virginia. Leaving tomorrow, coming back Monday.
[3] that involves going over to student stores & trying to find a UNC polo shirt. Guesstimate: $30.

[4] I'm trying to figure out what edging to use on the dress that I'm buying for next State Fair. So I'm testing a few patterns to see what I like. Gullan is kind of plain. I'll use it to trim the jacket I wore yesterday. Inga looks nice. I did 2 repeats of it in red yesterday.

[5] Mike Lowe, the leathercrafter at the Village of Yesteryear

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