Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Well, it's the last day of this work week. Wheee. Too bad I can't leave early. It's one of those things that, unless my boss authorizes, even unofficially, that we can close the office before five, I'm stuck here until five. Even if the other department in the building has packed up and gone home. [insert heavy sigh] I might be able to leave early, if I felt like using vacation leave to do it. Which I don't. I'm saving that for my trip to Charlotte in early January. The nice thing? I'm able to listen to my Ozzy Osbourne cd & no one is here to care.

I had to put the bandaid back on my index finger. The fingernail polish helped but not for very long. So, still no tatting. Bleah.

I bought 3 books last night. I've completely read one already. It's Hawkins St. John book. I missed the 1st one, but I've read the 2nd, 3rd & now 4th one. Now I'm reading Alexander's The Lady in Question. I thought it was connected to Love with the Proper Husband but it's not. I'm enjoying it, nonetheless. The third book is also connected to another book. It takes place at the same time as the one that it's connected to, as it's about two cousins who change places.

As a result of all my reading, I did not get any writing done. C'est la vie. I did watch 3 episodes of Stargate and the episode of CSI: Miami from Monday. I only have one episode of Stargate left to watch on that tape. 2 of the episodes of Stargate that I watched were from first season. David loaned my his first season dvd boxed set. I have to return it to him by mid-December as he's doing a loan exchange with a friend of his at Christmas.

Mild irritant in my life right, someone on one of the email lists to which I am subscribed has an email format that does not show in the digest form. So everytime he posts, I can't read it. I am left feeling that I'm missing a large chunk of the conversation.

I need to work on preparing the December reports so that they are ready for data entry. I'll probably post again before I leave for the day, but in case I don't: Happy Thanksgiving.

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