Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Mental note: never 'read just one more chapter' of a good book before going to bed. I read until 1 am. The book was Pyramid Scheme by Flint & Freer (?). Since I'm gaming tonight until about 10 or 11pm, this was not the brightest thing to have done. I started the day with 8 oz of soda & had 16 more at lunch. I indulged myself & ate sushi again for lunch.

Tonight I play a zero round of Living Kalamar. They need a 4th person & I didn't have plans for tonight. I'll be able to run it for Chris, Rosemary & maybe Richard & Kathy at a later date. I'm meeting Joe Jungers after work, we'll buy supper on the way. I have no idea who else is playing or who is running the game. Wheee!

I've never worked with powerpoint very much. Now I'm trying to develop an organizational chart in it. ARGH! I came very close to deleting it & starting over today. But I haven't reached that point. Yet.

Last night's gaming went pretty well. We (Rosemary's character Brianna) finished cleansing the 2nd portal, apparently it's linked to fire again/now. Then we found the 3rd portal. It's the same set up. An old Nature-based church in ruins with the portal in a secret room underneath. Problem: this church's valley had filled with water. A 250 foot, cold, lake/pond that had murky water is what it was. Luckily my character had heard of porpoises, wildshaped into one and was able to investigate. Kelis, my character, found the undead & we avoided them. We reached the front door & Chris stopped there. We expect some sort of combat inside the church. Question is: with what? We'll find out in 2 weeks.

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