Thursday, January 15, 2004

As it turns out, I did make one mistake on the financial reports. I entered the wrong number on one line, which changed the results of another report. Still, it was the best I've done yet so I remain proud. I paid the price for that concentration though. When I left work at 2pm to go get my car my brain shut down. I literally had trouble thinking. That is an extremely uncomfortable state for me.

I have my car back & it is shiny. A good wash will do that to a car. They also vacuumed it. There are some leaves in the trunk & that is all. I drove it yesterday & the odometer still doesn't work properly. I took the bus today as I will refrain from driving the car as much as I can until I get that fixed. The new odometer will cost $480, with the labor being about $150. If I can locate a used odometer, Saturn will install, they just want guarantee it. That's up to my part source. * why is 'a used anything' & not 'an used anything'?

I stopped by Rose's last night & bought the frame for the picture of myself. Mom complained that she doesn't have any recent pictures of me. This photo will change that. I posed & James took the picture while I was in Charlotte. I suppose that I should write that information on the back of the photo in archival ink. Not that the glass or the backing are archival quality. I wonder if Mom meant that she wanted a photo for her wallet?

Did I mention that I have a new nephew? My step-brother had a son on January 1st. My dad sent me Stephen's website where the proud father has posted pictures of the little guy.

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