Friday, January 23, 2004

Happy Belated New Year. Welcome to the Year of the Wood Monkey

My SO & I went out for Chinese food last night in celebration of the Chinese New Year. I couldn't work on my Gaelic on the way home because the batteries in my tape player were giving out. I put in them in the recharger when I got home & put more batteries in the player. I called my Mom with the information about the Medieval Fair at the Carolina Club on Sunday. I'm gaming so I can't go. Then I headed for bed at 8:30 (with a lovely hot pad to warm my sheets & my toes). I didn't settle down for sleep until after nine but still, that's early.

Now it's payday Friday & I have errands to run after work. I drove my car in & gas has dropped $.05 since Monday so I'll be able to get gas tonight.

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