Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I almost had to call & cancel Mom's visit. Some idiot was either/both going too fast/following the bus too closely because when it stopped for me to disembark, Dimbulb passed the bus on the right. It's rather startling to start down the bus steps & see a car go by. If I had been a bit quicker or better prepared, I'd probably be in the hospital right now. Wheee. I called Anitra to vent & she told me how she almost got run over by a car doing something similar when she was in high school.

Mom came by about 1 or so. She only got lost twice. Thank goodness for cell phones. Next time I'm sending her on the 751 exit.

We went to Hong Kong Express and she bought lunch. We ate while she made me watch Warlord (which, by the way is not in iMDB). She claims that it is one of the 10 worst movies ever made. I have to agree with her. And it's not the actors' faults. They were good, but what they had to work with....bleah.

I went through the clothes that she had brought me. A surprising number of them fit. So I have more slacks to wear to work. Yeah! She also brought some things that I don't need, like more hangars. I have about 6 months worth of Wednesday presents to open. My Christmas present from her were more of the pieces of my flatware pattern (which is discontinued btw).

She liked the tv I gave her but she wished I'd been wearing a different shirt in the picture that I gave her. I was wearing my Greenman shirt. She left about 4 pm so that she could make it home before dark. She doesn't like driving after dark anymore; she is getting older and her night vision isn't what it used to be. Then, neither is mine.

Sunday afternoon I got sick again. Chris & I headed for Pizza Hut for the brunch buffet but they were closed for remodeling. Since it was noon, we were reluctant to eat at the other brunch places due to the post-church crowd. We went to Hardee's. It was okay. By the time we hit the grocery store afterwards I knew I was sick, again. Bleah. We looked in at Ultimate Comics. It's been open for months & it's really close, but we just haven't been by during store hours.

I mostly read & rested the rest of the Sunday. Then Monday (Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday: Observed) Chris went to work & I still rested, watched tv & read. By 2 pm I was finally able to get moving. I picked up the living room from Mom's visit, cleared the dining room table, un-loaded & re-loaded the dishwasher & gathered the stuff I was taking out of the house.
plastic & paper bags to the recycling at the grocery store
phonebooks to recycling
clothes to charity - Goodwill
1 vacuum to Goodwill
books to Edward McKay (since Lucy's closed)
article about Senora Lynch to Steve for Village of Yesteryear scrapbook
other errand:
buy page protectors for tatting copies (old workbasket patterns & internet printouts)

I looked at my nearly empty gas tank & then at the price of regular unleaded gas, $1.59, & decided not to go to North Raleigh to McKay or Steve's yesterday.

I made it home in plenty of time. I watched more of the Fillmore marathon & put the patterns in the page protectors. I put post-it labels on most of them but then as 6 pm approached I needed to make supper. It was Jadeclaw/9 tribes last night. But since Rosemary, our fighter wasn't there, we sat around, talked & they made pre-generated Ironclaw characters for me to use at cons this year.

Chris taped Barbarians. I thought it went off at 10 so I waited for the vcr to turn off to go to bed. It ended at 11 pm. No wonder my eyes were scratchy & tired. I was feeling cold so I heated up one of my wheat hot pads & used it as a bedwarmer. Wow! that was soooo nice. I love it. I will definitely do that more often.

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