Friday, January 16, 2004

Mom called last night. We talked a bit & I told her a couple things that I would like if she has/can find them, like winter socks. We talked a little bit. Then I ordered pizza and when Chris went out to change the bulb in the porchlight he realized that it's been weeks since we ordered pizza, for supper anyway. There have been one or two lunches. I watched the last episode of Stargate:SG1 that I taped on Monday. It was the return of Apothisis.

I sort of watched, not really, VH1's 100 Hottest Hotties, 60-41 while I talked to Mom. At eight we checked & CSI was a repeat so we watched Tru Calling. According to TV Guide CSI was on somewhere; channel 13 I think. I have no idea what that is on cable. We found that it was being aired at 1:37am on WRAL. So we set the VCR to tape it & watched part of something before switching to Fillmore. We caught the last act. Then we watched Extreme Elimination a dubbed version of Tokeshi's Castle (spelling). It's funny in a sick sexist way. I headed to bed about 10 pm when Justice League was coming on. It was one I had seen but Chris hadn't.

Today's outfit: Burgundy turtleneck, black gauze handkerchief hem skirt - calf-length, thigh high black boots, silver three ages of woman pendant on silver chain, silver ring ~flattened twisted cord, silver ring w/ silver flowers, & silver hoops earrings. My hair is loose until I have a chance to brush it, then I'll clip it with the 'barrette' I bought from Bronze Rose this past Ren Festival & braid it. When I go out again I put my burgundy & grey sweater back on.

Tonight Chris is taking his nephew out for supper for his birthday. Chris was supposed to take him last week but the snow cancelled that plan. So I'm on my own for supper tonight.

I was running so late this morning I was ready to walk back & drive to the park & ride after missing the bus. I caught the bus instead so no worries.

I'm listening to one of the tapes I made a while back. I copied my By the Sword & Oathbound tapes. That way I wear out the copies & not the originals. I bought them in the late 80's/early 90's.

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