Wednesday, January 28, 2004

So, for those who have been ignoring the weather snowed in central NC (& the midwest & most of the east coast, etc). It started snowing Sunday morning & it finally subsided to a freezing drizzle about 5pm. They were very small flakes so there was only about 3" accumulation. Chris & I went out for breakfast Sunday morning so we were driving along as it was falling. They flakes were so dry that they blew across the road like drifts of sand. You could see wind eddies in the snow as it blew across the aspalt.

By the time we finished eating quite a bit of snow had accumulated on the car. The parking lot of the Golden Corral was fairly clear but the lot of the hotel next to it was a carpet of snow. The difference in traffic was thus clearly illustrated. We made it to the grocery store to do our weekly shopping & then headed home. We were supposed to be playing in Rosemary's Forgotten Realms game that afternoon but we cancelled it. The trip to our place wouldn't be too awful but the trips home would be.

UNC was closed on Monday so I sat around & went through all the VCR tapes that didn't have labels. In other words, I either watched the shows to be then taped over or decided to tape over them without watching, as the case might be. I also finally saw the episode of Monster House that Richard had taped for us. The Monster House crew transformed the interior to reflect the owners' love of castles & the husband's English heritage. It was great!

We cancelled gaming on Monday, too. It was supposed to be the first session of Chris's Freaks Campaign. He claimed that the character of anyone who missed the session would fail the saving throw when the group met the wights Monday night. Cute, very cute.

Tuesday we both went to work late. I left at 9:40 am to catch the 10 am bus. I never saw it. I saw the bus going the other way but not mine. I waited half an hour & gave up. I was literally 3 minutes from the bus stop when the bus came by. Of course, since I wasn't at the stop the driver kept going. I said a few expletives & walked back to my car. I was about to start cleaning it off when a young lady passing by offered to give me a lift. She had just gotten her car up the hill from mine & knew how much trouble I was going to have getting out of there. Thanks to her I made it to work by 11 am.

I left work a little after 4 pm to catch the 4:07 bus. I did not leave soon enough but I was in plenty of time to catch the 4:37 bus. It never came. I met a nice young lady named Caroline & her friend who was visiting her. They were going to try to go to Southpoint. At 5pm I gave up & I called John. I forgot that his driveway is a sheet of ice & they aren't getting out until maybe today or hopefully by Friday. So I called Chris & he left work at 5pm and drove to come get me. A good thing that I left work early or Chris would have gotten home, then drive in the dark to Chapel Hill to fetch me home. As it was, we made it home just a little after 6pm.

I am not happy with TTA today. I didn't even bother trying to catch it this morning, I just drove in. It wasn't too bad. Yes, the first 3 roads that I'm on were sheets of ice & slush but they were mostly in the sun so had started the melting process despite the 20-some degree temperatures. Until I got to the park & ride the roads were fine, except for the stop & roll on Hwy 54 for the last 15 minutes. So I was a little late to work this morning, but not too badly. I will leave work a little early today, just to get home before sunset.

In the meantime, I've been trying to catch up on work. The 3-part class I was supposed to be taking yesterday, today & tomorrow has been cancelled. Oh well, they'll reschedule & I'll take it then.

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