Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Woohoo! My car is ready & I have a ride to go get it. It's been a month since the accident & I'm really looking forward to having my own transportation again. I have to admit though, the bus is really convenient.

This past weekend was such a complete change from the previous one, weather-wise. The snow had stopped falling by the time I left work on Friday & the roads were in pretty good condition. It never got above freezing Saturday or Sunday so there was plenty of snow on the roadsides & trees when I came to work yesterday. The high temperature was about 56F so most of the snow melted. I did see a few patches, each less than the size of my hand on my walk to the bus stop this morning.

Chris almost hurt himself very badly on Sunday. The snow on the awning above Hong Kong Express, in Durham, was melting a little bit from the sun. It dripped down the icicles & formed a puddle of ice in the awning's shade. Chris stepped on it and of course he fell down. He twisted his ankle but luckily no other damage was done.

I've been working on my Gaelic some more. I can now, almost, tell someone how old I am. I need to work on pronunciation more.

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