Saturday, August 12, 2006

Errands run:
  • Go by post office to mail Liam's present - not done
  • Build-a-bear to get snow leopard - done
  • Get padded envelope to mail Mom's present - done
  • Ditto for Mitra's - done
  • Mail Mom's present & Mitra's present - not done
  • Mail Hailey's card - not done
  • Apple store to investigate getting new battery - not done
  • Laundry - in progress
  • Pack for trip - once laundry's done

Today's outfit: I was wearing black shorts & my black 'Warning Mood shift in 5 minutes' t- but it seemed to cool for that. So I changed to blue jeans (not one of my favored pairs), purple 'Fear the 4, Busch Gardens' t-, sandals, dragon pendant, silver fem-figure ring, silver band of flowers ring, & three layer earrings (patterned ~silver upside down teardrop base, brassy patterned crescent moon & coppery elephant on top; small ball hangs from teardrop & tiny coil from crescent). I've just pulled my hair into a ponytail with a navy elastic.

Plush snow leopard: I named her Frivolite, for the French word for tatting. Hey, it's a lovely plush & $1 goes to World Wildlife Fund. And that never sucks.

Tatting update: I ran out of thread on the shuttles while working on the teacup. I did 2 sides & part of the 3rd side before it happened. So I worked on this triangle that I printed out on Friday, in the same variegated blue.

While we were at the mall, I stopped by Sears & picked up a couple of polo shirts. They are lighter weight than most of the ones that I already own. I really wanted a new pair of navy blue slacks or black skirt. No luck there. I found one black skirt that was close, but the bottom 2 layers are unhemmed nylon. Ick.

More Tatting stuff: Wally aka Needledreams has started a Tat-along project. So now I have to decide what I'm going to do. What variant?

1st attempt: failure. The thread is/was an experiment. Result: not entirely suitable for tatting. Thread doesn't slide very well.

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