Monday, August 14, 2006

iPod update:
Good news! It's not dead. On my way to visit Steve & Anitra on Sunday, I was going to stop by the Apple store to see if I could buy a new battery from them. On a whim, I plugged it into the car outlet. Whee, it worked, immediately. When I got home, I plugged it into a house outlet & let it finished charging.

Yesterday's outfit: lime green 2006 Palmetto Tat Days shirt, blue jeans, sandals, dragon pendant, Celtic knot earrings, etc.

Today's outfit: new black polo, black slacks, black loafers (heels survived), dangly Celtic knot earrings, star/tree/moon pendant, ring, flower band ring & braided hair.

Errands: mailed Liam's present
Left Mom's card at home, so I'll mail her present tomorrow
finished laundry yesterday
Mostly finished packing clothes
Mailed Hailey's letter
Picked up new bus pass
Put covers on game books to make them easy to ID at con

Irritable. I'm voraciously hungry and Chris wasn't able to bring food home. He had to pick up Duncan & without ac he couldn't stop to get anything without endangering the dog. I've been starving since 4 pm & it's almost 7pm. Supper won't arrive until 7:30, if I'm lucky.

Fun with Steve & Anitra:
Steve let me read his latest novel. It's a first draft but very good. He also had a bunch of books that he brought back for me, including one signed one. Anitra & I complained about our jobs and discussed about our current tatting projects. She has glow-in-the-dark thread. It looks like lots of fun.

And now that I have batteries for my camera, I can take pictures of the tatting I've done recently. For example, my teacup so far; the tat-along (which came out very different); & the triangle motif.

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