Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another hot one, but not quite as hot. It's just sad when I go outside, the temperature is in the high 80's, the humidity is higher & I think, "hm, it's cooler today."

Clothes: navy slacks (the ones I really need to just get rid of, but I don't have another pair to replace them), navy Tricon polo, navy loafers (new & just little tight). I'm also wearing the rainbow moonstone earrings, the moonstone ring, paui shell ring, rainbow moonstone cabochon pendant on a silver chain & ~wide silver ring with a double row of hash marks on it. I braided my hair because I'm sick of wearing it up. I'm also sick of skirts, which is why I'm wearing slacks.

Chris managed to find the key to get my Palm (it's an m105) to hotsync with my laptop on Sunday. Yeah! I have since downloaded a free eReader and some free eBooks. Thank you, Baen books & the authors who contributed. They're books that I have in hard copy, but now I can carry four or five of my favorites all the time (or rotate 4 or 6 favorites). I stayed up until midnight Sunday downloading & looking for free stuff (database, a couple games & so forth).

Last night's game went well. My character is, in fact, a loose woman (she even has the flaw). But it was established last night, that she has standards. She slept with Brak, finally. And depending on circumstance may sleep with Tereck. Neill's out, he has a fiancee. Hey, none of them are the same race so there's no worry about pregnancy. And it does serve as an adventure hook for the game host, Diana. 'why are we doing this, again?' 'Because Clara thinks he's cute & wants to sleep with him'. Last night we were trying to figure out how to get this double agent (maybe triple, ie 3 sides) killed. Brak took over a small spy ring (all kids) as he told the boss to get out of town.

Soda pop, soda pop
New flavor: Pepsi Jazz. It's strawberry & cream flavored & by looking at the web page there's a black cherry French vanilla. I've only tried the first one, the diet variety. It's very sweet but since I have a sweet tooth, that's not an issue. Yum!

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