Friday, August 04, 2006

That's it; I'm massively confused. I've asked a forumite (aka friend from a specific forum) to look at my blog. She can see all the updates, including the one I made earlier. I can't. I can't even see the template change that I made.

Can anyone explain this?

Update: I still don't have an explanation, but I read through the blogger help forum & found someone with a similar problem. I put '?' at the end of the address & there's my blog! Whoot!

Update the 2nd: Now if I can just figure out why the Archives link doesn't work from that page....

And today's clothes; considering the temperature (expected high a balmy 97F), I'm wearing a black tank top under a burgundy, crocheted sweater (roses & webs) with a crepe skirt, ankle length. The skirt is ~striped & floral with teal, burgundy, purple, grey, black, brown & white. I'm wearing the black loafers & my hair is in a half bun (tied in a knot with the remainder left hanging down) fixed with a hair stick (brown with beads & a silver charm at the end). Today's jewelry is silver Celtic knot ring, ~matching earrings, silver Celtic knot pendant on silver chain, sivler flower band, silver chain bracelet & two stone rings. One's carnelian & the other is solid black. I broke my hematite ring recently. I need to buy a new one.

Now for my next trick, I'm going to try & post a picture: ...
which shows up at the top of the post. So new post!

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