Friday, August 11, 2006

iPod Disaster
My iPod mini remains blank. It charged not at all in 24 hours. I weep, I moan, I wail. I may be about to spend $60 to get the battery replaced.

Car Update:
They have ordered the parts to fix the AC in Chris's car. They can get 6 of the 10. The other 4 are on back order. Guess who's renting a minivan to go to Tallahassee. Time to make phone calls & double check websites.

New Taste Sensation (for me):

Nestle Crunch Dark Stixx; I bought a package last night on the way to my Mutants & Masterminds game at David's house. I finally ate it for my morning snack. They're small but tasty. I love dark chocolate, that makes a difference.

Today's Outfit:
Burgundy slit/keyhole neck tank with a double row of single seed beads lining the neck under (indoors where it's cool enough) a v-necked, black, crochet sweater with diamonds of 4-petal flowers on the torso & closely crocheted rows on the sleeves, over lightweight black, cotton slacks and the leather sandals again. The sandals don't really match, they're buff & tan but until my heels heal.... Right now, my hair is loose but I will braid it again later. I'm wearing the silver Celtic knot earrings (the dangles, not posts) with the smaller Celtic knot ring (4 loops), silver flattened, ~rope band, and the silver pendant with Celtic knot, tree, moon & star tangled up together on a short silver chain; so the pendant rests just at my clavicle.

I did some tatting last night. I started the tea cup from Contemporary Tatting by Judith Connors. I made the saucer from variegated blue (the same blue that I used for Dad's cross for Father's day). I didn't have enough thread on the shuttles to start the cup so I made some flowers instead.

I worked on it again at lunch (after reading a little of Oath of Swords by David Weber). I've wound thread onto the shuttles & done 3 of the 6 rings that go up one side. That leaves the top, the other side & as a separate stage, the handle.

CC, a gentleman who works for facilities, came by while I was working. So I showed him what I was doing. He had never heard or seen of it before. I also gave him a little 6 picot/7 knot flower.

The squirrels & sparrows around here are quite bold, almost tame. A squirrel came up to my table while I was eating lunch. He was about a chair-length away and kept watching me, to see if I was going to drop anything. Then another diner started throwing bits of the tortilla from her wrap and the birds went wild. I was busy tatting so I don't know if the squirrels manage to grab any.

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