Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Bus Pass:
This one lasts until July. I just hope that I don't lose it like I did the 2 semester passes that I bought when I first started riding TTA. I went at lunch yesterday to grab the pass. Since it was the last day before new parking, etc went into effect there was a line.

After gaming I finally went to bed at a reasonable time last night. It sort of helped me get up this morning. At least, I don't feel as tired today.

Books Read: I re-read the first MaryJanice Davidson werewolf story in the Secrets anthology #6. Then I read Valentine's Day Is Killing Me. It's another romance anthology. It's three stories of awesomely bad Valentine's Day dates. In the first one, she shows up for her blind date to find him being arrested on suspicion of murder. That's by MaryJanice Davidson. I can't remember the 2nd author but I should. I will be looking for her books. Her heroine got arrested for all sorts of things, starting with disturbing the peace (loud party). In the third story, all she wants is a perfect, if scaled down, Valentine's Day date. She has a history of truly remarkable bad Valentine's Days. This time she's the murder suspect.

Then I read Trouble in High Heels by Christina Dodd. I finished that on the way to work this morning. A romance & suspense; she's a lawyer, he's an accused jewel thief. I really like her character. She learns & grows throughout the story. He mostly gets his education at the end (on the advice of his father 'grovel, son, grovel').

At lunch I started Bad Boys of Summer, another anthology. I finished the first story, by Lori Foster & the second one, by Erin McCarthy. I hope that Ms. Foster writes about the heroine's sister. I think I'll keep my eyes open for Ms. McCarthy's work, too. I enjoyed her story. With a short story, there's limited character development; just not enough time. But she did well in the constraints. I still have one story left in the anthology & then I start Black Powder War by Naomi Novik. I can't wait

Car Update: tonight we pick up the rental vehicle, after work. Then we grab some sodas & things like that. After that, we pack the vehicle. Cross your fingers that everything fits.

Today's outfit: I dressed in a hurry this morning. It's mauve slacks, cotton, with my "Dendarii Mercenaries Covert Ops" grey polo (letters in white on light grey) & black loafers (I need new ones). Jewelry is my moonstone set, ring, earrings & the plain cabochon. Plus I'm wearing the one that looks like a silver 2-strand twist, but flattened.

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