Thursday, August 10, 2006

TV show:
Final Fu a reality show with real fighting..okay, sparring. It's a really cool show. One: the competitions are all based on martial arts techniques (like use a staff to throw clear boxes & cans from an area or go throw this bar set & grab flags from boxes you have to punch open). You get points based on how quickly you accomplish the task(s). Two: you spar with another competitor in a point-based fight. The points that you accumulate in the fight are added to your total score. So even if you screw up in the task portion, if you do a good job in the fight you can pull ahead. They had a marathon of them on Sunday.

Today's outfit: black jeans, very wrinkled salmon pink silk blouse (guess who didn't have time to iron this morning), sandals (leather flipflops really) to save my poor heels. My hair is braided again while I'm wearing dragon jewelry. The silver pendant was a gift from Steve & Anitra & I bought the earrings (Welsh dragons) when I was at Disney in 2000. I've had the two silver dragon rings for years. One is a band with the dragon almost hidden in fancy scrollwork. The other ring is almost plain with just the stooping, breathing dragon. The funny thing is; I've seen the latter ring several times; I even have two versions of it, differing only in size. But I can't find it on the web anywhere.

My attempt at a weight-loss diet:
Well, last week I averaged less than 1200 calories a day. There were a couple days that I hit 1500 calories but mostly I ate around 1180. If I just got more exercise I'd be certain to lose weight. That's one reason that I take the bus. It forces me to walk twice day, to & from the bus stop. Other reasons for taking the bus: price gas, insurance, traffic & pollution. As inconvenient as I sometimes find the bus, it beats dealing with the traffic & the gas prices.

My iPod news:
It's not charging. It's completely blank this morning. This is bad. This is very bad. I will do a search on Apple's webpage, maybe they have a clue about this.

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