Friday, March 02, 2007

supper: I fixed House Autry oven-fried chicken last night (House Autry breading, baked in the oven). That plus mixed veggies was the entirety of supper. Then I had some chocolate for dessert.

Work is kicking Chris to pieces right now. He's so tired all the time. None of our usual shows were on so we watched 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' and Dharma & Greg re-runs.

It's warmer than I expected this morning. I should have checked more closely but all I checked on was the status of the thunderstorms & tornado watches.

books: I finished A Little Bit Wicked, Lord Harry & Dragon's Kin. Someone, mentioning no names, stayed up a little late last night.

clothes: navy loafers, socks, slacks & belt with white blouse (3/4 length sleeves & texture plaid, band collar), light blue silicon 'cultivate peace' hungersite bracelet, moonstone ring, ~rope band, moonstone earrings & tri-moon moonstone pendant on short silver chain. My hair is up in the ponytail/bun affixed with a single white chopstick printed with a blue dragon.

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