Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy St. David's Day (UK): Presumably, he's an Anglican saint; I can't say that I've ever heard of him. And Happy Samil Independence Day (S. Korea).

Pout: I finished the last of my Jungle chocolate (w/ pineapple) today. It's sooo good.

website/article: 10 influential women you've never heard of

web slideshow: old cars

tv: I watched the first two episodes of Dresden Files, only 3 more and I'm caught up. Until tomorrow night when the 6th one airs. We also watched Criminal Minds, which had a female serial killer.

books: I finished re-readed Sex, Lies & Online Dating and I read volume 1 of Kitchen Princess manga. I've also started A Little Bit Wicked.

Radio shows: I'm up to episode 9 of the Voyage of the Scarlet Queen & we've finally met Kang, the guy who hired Capt Phil Carney.

clothes: dark teal blouse, black jeans (& belt), knee-highs & loafers with silver Celtic knot jewerly, plus ~rope band & fem-power band. Hair up in ponytail/bun & affixed with lighter teal hairsticks.

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