Saturday, March 03, 2007

car my car is now legal again; I got it inspected this morning. It needed a couple side lights but that was an inexpensive fix; thank goodness.

Chris's car is being serviced so we're a one (workable) car household today. We went by the mall; Chris wanted gloves to match his coat (blue & black) & I'm almost out of moisturizer with spf (did you know that it's really hard to find one with higher than 15, I've failed so far). Plus, Chris had a gift cert for Williams & Sonoma. We hit Wilson's first but they didn't have the gloves that he wanted. They did have the jacket, for him & for me. And the new back-friendly bag (it says it can hold a laptop but not mine), and the new camera bag. It was a good sale. My jacket was only $40 after the assorted discounts. Sweet.

I bought two tubes/containers of vitamin E moisturizer with spf 15 from The Body Shop. Since they had a buy 2 get 1 free (face products), I also bought a container of face scrub.

At W&S, we shopped around. They have lots of neato stuff. No appliances today or knives, just kitchen knick-knack & tools (tea ball, tea egg [make a pot o' tea], etc).

books: I finished Not Another New Year's & Howling Moon. I read a little farther in Pillow Book.

clothes: Trinic-con 2006 shirt, blue jeans, brown belt, blue loafers, grey ribbed shirt (it's warm but that wind is pretty sharp), flower fairy necklace, ~rope band, fem-power ring & feather (real feathers) earrings.

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