Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Biography Channel: We watched the biography of Billy Pratt, aka Boris Karloff. Really, for a man who gained fame as a monster, he was a good-looking and versatile actor.

books: I finished Wintersmith & decided to re-read something I know that I'll like; To Distraction.

clothes: black loafers, sock & jeans with the same black belt & a black polo (2002 Carolina Ren Fest), with amethyst & silver ring, amethyst pendant on a short silver chain, purple Czech bead earrings, ~rope band, fem-power ring & magnet bracelet (black magnets) with clear, blue & silver beads.

Radio Shows: I'm up to episode 13 of the Scarlet Queen. But I've listening to music recently because I've been talking instead of listening to the radio show.

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