Thursday, March 08, 2007

Supper with Dad: I arrived at the Cracker Barrel very close to on-time. Dad had been there for 3 hours, he said. He had stopped by the shop, between where he lives & where we met, where his moto guzzi is getting repaired. He had the day off and had the time to spend. We had a nice supper, conversation, etc. He showed me the bottle stoppers that he'd made. One of them had a corkscrew in it, very clever.

I had to take my leave just after 9 pm; I was really tired. I stopped for gas and a soda (caffeine to help keep me awake) & got home just after 10 pm. I stopped to talk to Chris a bit & then went to bed. I vaguely woke up around 5 am but dozed & slept until my alarm went off.

Website of the day: Need a laugh? Watch long enough for the mike to be placed in front of the guy in the middle.

gaming: Tonight's it Mutants & Masterminds again.

books: Finished Diamond Throne, book 1 of Elenium & started The Ruby Knight, book 2.

clothes: black jeans, grey suede boots, ~watered cotton purple/blue blouse, paui shell pendant on long silver chain, paui shell ring, fem-power ring & I forgot to put in earrings. I gathered the hair from my crown into a braid with the rest of my hair loose.

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