Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cold: my cold is moving faster this time. I started coughing yesterday. Ah, the joys of mucus. Blech.

I used the facial scrub that I bought a week ago. My skin feels really soft this morning. I'll use it a couple more times before I make a final judgment on it, but so far, so good.

books: Kind of reading Shelters of Stone. It's hardback, so I'm reading it before going to sleep, that sort of thing. Used my frequent customer card to buy a couple books yesterday, Charmed to Death & Lover Revealed. I really like the characters in Charmed to Death. Abby is a sweetheart. JR did a good job in Lover Revealed. She developed plots that she hinted at, or alluded to, in past books of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Yep, I read them both yesterday. I only stopped to eat supper.

clothes: yesterday it was a black polo, with Carolina Renaissance Festival embroidered in purple, black slacks, same black belt, black socks & loafers, with the paui shell pendant on a long chain, paui shell ring & ~rope band. Most of the time I left my hair in a ponytail.

Today it's dark green Geoff polo, black slacks, same black belt, black knee-highs, black sequined & beaded flats, emerald pendant & earrings, black stone ring & a ponytail.

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