Monday, March 19, 2007

Friday night: I made it to the Books-A-Million just fine on Friday. At about 7:30, there was a fire at a substation (found that out later) & the power went out in the entire strip mall. So I left the store. And the power came back on. And went off again. And came back on again. It was still on when Chris found me & we left for the restaurant. There was a delay before we got seated (had to wait for the people ahead of us to leave) but it was a great evening. The conversation (between the 7 of us, Colt, Diana, David R, David C, Chris, Rosemary & me) ranged from children (only David C has offspring but most of us have nieces/nephews); to car accidents; to animals; to movies, 300 & Ghostrider; professional wrestling; Star Wars, is Obi Wan an Orthodox or Reform Jedi; Christianity, Bible as literal or guiding truth; concerts; & theater. We gathered at the restaurant starting at 8 pm & didn't leave until about 11 pm.

Watched the pilot for The Riches on Saturday. Eddie Izzard is a lot shorter than I thought he was. And he looks really good with facial hair. The pilot description isn't quite as the actual show unfolded. It's more interesting than that.

Last night we watched Christopher Titus's 5th Annual End of the World Tour. He is a really good comedian and some of his stories made me leak tears. Because he doesn't always talk about funny stuff. Heck, a lot of his subject matter is decidedly unfunny (9/11/01, anybody?) but he finds the humor.

Radio shows: It was a long bus ride on Friday and I had to watch where I was going, so I listened to Voyage of the Scarlet Queen. I got all the way through episodes 13,
Kang's Treasure & the Ghost of Tangolan Bay, & 14, The Beautiful Girl in the Bargain Basement.

Music: I've almost listened to & rated all the purchased music on my iTunes (lots of Free Music Tuesdays). Once I've finished that, I'll burn them onto a cd as back-up. I also bought Pink's CD; Try This while we were at Best Buy yesterday. The new one near us opened up last month but we were waiting for a flyer announcing it (which never came).

I finally finished Shelters of Stone. It's historical fiction set in pre-history; about the time Neanderthals & Cro-Magnon men were both extant.

Books-A-Million had a table of buy 2 get a 3rd book free, so I picked up a few.
I read A Babe in Ghostland on Friday. It's a paranormal romance. She's an inexperienced psychic who helps the male lead get rid of the ghosts in his house. I finally read Outrageous by Christina Dodd, a medieval romance set just after Richard the 3rd's reign. I don't know how long I've had it. I also read Penelope & Prince Charming (Regency era but at least half the action takes place in Nvengaria) and Just Desserts on Sunday. The latter is a contemporary mystery.

I forgot to put on green clothes on Saturday (purple turtleneck & jeans), so I wore an emerald necklace & earrings instead. Sunday I wore another turtleneck with jeans, this time with the feather quartz point & feather charm & quartz chip earrings.

Today it's green turtleneck, black slacks, black belt (silver buckle), black suede shoes, silver flower band, black stone ring, silver feather charm & quartz chip earrings, braided hair & quartz point pendant with a carved feather.