Friday, February 15, 2008

Ahh, the day after Valentine's Day. The day that all the Valentine candy & cards go on sale.

It's been a day already. I walk out my door without my bus pass or ID so I go back. By that time, I'm running late enough that I'm going to miss the bus if I walk to my stop. So I drive to the next stop & catch the bus there.

I get to work & my phone is ringing as I walk into the office. I answer it & work on the call as I'm taking off my coat. I finish the call, partially unresolved, and head back to the closet to hang up my coat. As I comment to my co-worker 'it's not even 8 am & it's already started,' the fire alarm goes off. I spend 20-some minutes in the cold as we wait for the firemen to arrive & take care of whatever the problem is (it's unlikely that it's really a fire).

Chris gave me three wonderful books yesterday. One is for drawing horror manga, one for magical girl manga & one for fantasy art. Cool, huh? I gave him season 1 & 2 of Veronica Mars. He seemed to like them.

We went to a fast food burgers last night. Neither of us felt like cooking but we didn't want pizza & anything 'classier' than fast food was going to be packed.

tv: watched part of Kiss Me Kate. I love that movie. And Howard Keel is just so hot in that movie. Yum. After that we watched Scooby Doo, Where Are You & CSI. Chris had seen that episode; horror movie star murdered, but I hadn't.

books: I reread Scandal & started Happy Hour at Casa Dracula. It's kinda funny & definitely different. I also skimmed through the books that Chris gave me and a book on making plushy little softies.

tatting: still on that last ring. I need to undo a knot & then retie it before I can go further.

other crafts: that ribbon yarn scarf is almost the length of my forearm now, almost.

clothes: black jeans yesterday, black slacks today; black half-boots yesterday, black suede shoes today; same black belt with Celtic stamping & silver Celtic knot buckle; same grey cord vest; same hematite band; same plaited hair; different shades of green turtleneck; different set of emerald necklace & earrings; and today I added my labradorite bracelet.

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