Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My bus was early last night. The buses are never early. I was at the bus stop at exactly the scheduled time & the bus was nowhere in sight (I can see for a decent distance down the road). I ended up waiting half an hour for the next one. Or rather, half-hour plus, because the next one was late. Grrrr!

Watched Saturday's Torchwood again, didn't feel like explaining to Chris that I watched it already. I'd been futzing with my laptop so I'd missed quite a bit on the 1st watching anyway.

Finished my books and started another one from the UBS, The Hourglass by Metzger.

clothes: Celtic knot post earrings, Celtic knot ring, triskele pendant, hematite band, braided ring & matching pair of bracelets, Frech-braided hair, burgundy turtleneck, black 1/2 boots, & black jeans.

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